Educators, families and children create the inclusive yet diverse culture that is K.I.D.S. Inc.


We support the expression of feelings and ideas while nurturing self-identity. We develop genuine relationships with all children and adults in our community.


Relationships are the building blocks that create the foundation of K.I.D.S. Inc. Connections bring harmony, a sense of community and create a positive atmosphere for all.


Opportunities for self expression, exploration, individuality, self worth along with natural curiosity enhance creativity, bringing one’s imagination to life.


We provide children and adults with a safe environment where they can comfortably explore and develop through new experiences.


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A group of preschool children were shown a colour wheel and challenged to find an item along a nature walk in the community to match the colours. When they returned, they classified their nature items into different colour groups and glued them onto the wheel.

Although they thought it would be easy to find an item to represent each colour, they discovered that some colours were found more easily in nature than others. Blue and black were the most difficult colours to find, but green, red and yellow were the easiest, especially in the fall.

The children would like to explore why the leaves change colour at this time of year.

Welcome to K.I.D.S. inc.

The years of a child’s life are times of natural curiosity, boundless energy and unlimited questions. Providing a rich and varied environment where children can enjoy learning through play and social interaction with their peers is important. Children have a right to freely explore in their safe stimulating environment that meets their ever changing social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

We believe in the inclusion of all children. Parents are the most important people in a child’s life and are welcome to be as much a part of their child’s day as they wish. Our well educated and experienced staff will always ensure children feel safe, valued and loved while providing experiences that promote creativity, self-confidence and a positive self image.

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